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Gu Replacement airbox $600.00inc

Our GU replacement airbox is made from aluminium and powdercoated in a black textured finish.
The airbox fits where the standard airbox is located , meaning you can still run a dual battery setup.
Included with the airbox is a BMC Airfilgter, hose and minitap for drain and also a fitting instruction sheet.

Purchase a snorkel with your airbox and get $100 off the package making the GQ's box $450 and the GU's box $550.

Replacement airbox for 4.2TD will also suit LS conversion. this airbox has been designed for easy fitment and filter changing , whilst still having the option of having a dual battery setup.
This airbox fits up where your standard box is positioned and has a reusable BMC filter which will perform time and time again. coupled with one of our 4" stainless steel snorkels you will notice an improvement straight away in temps and economy.
The BMC filter performs great as you can see from the pictures below.
these were taken with our new td airbox once again in convey at cliffhanger 2019 you can see how well it filters the dirt and the intake pipe is clean where it counts.
Replacement Airbox for the 3 litre, again this is supllied with a BMC reusable airfilter and also mounts in the original airbox position. this airbox has the lid specially designed to bolt directly to the maf sensor flange and will also fit with a dual battery setup. once again when coupled with our 4" stainless steel snorkel you have better airflow which in turn should bring better economy and lower temps.

The BMC air filters performs great as you can see in the pictures below.
This filter was taken out of mills GU that was driven around in convoy from spectator point to spectator point at cliffhanger 2013 in the red dust of cobar.
As you can see its caked thick on the outside and still clean where it counts.

Millweld is now offering a aluminium airbox for the GQ, like the gu airbox it comes with a BMC airfilter. the inlet and outlet are both 4" unless specified different by customer the GQ airbox is $500 or if you buy a snorkel / airbox package we take $100 off the combined price.
this airbox does not fit with a dual battery setup.

Landcruiser VDJ79 replacement Airbox $850.
The Millweld VDJ79 airbox is fully sealed and also uses a BMC reusable filter however your standard cruiser filter wil also fit.
Our Airbox is easily plumbed up with the standard snorkel or if you want to upgrade we are also fabricating 4" stainless steel recessed snorkels for this model only.
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